BRAND support for Bolu cable car and mountain slide project

BRAND support for Bolu cable car and mountain sled project: MARKA deserves support at the June Board of Directors kazanprojects have been announced. It was stated that 2 projects will receive support from Bolu. The agency will also directly support a project related to tourism-related mountain sled and cable car work in Bolu.

Governor of the Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) Chairman of the Board and the Governor of Kocaeli Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu Ordinary Board of Directors Meeting held in Kocaeli to represent Bolu Governor Aydın Baruş, Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Yaşar Yüceer, Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Türker Ateş Sakarya, Kocaeli, Duzce and Yalova also represented a large number of officials attended.

At the meeting; monthly economic outlook report, Eastern Marmara Construction Technologies and Products, Construction Machinery Equipments Machinery and Construction Machinery Specialized Fair (INTERTER), the presentation and evaluation of cooperation issue, the annual secret of the Secretary General of the agency determination of the agency, 2015 April and May presentation and evaluation, presentation and evaluation of the project idea of ​​Bolu Chamber of Commerce, presentation and evaluation of applications for Direct Activity Support in April and May of 2015.

Projects submitted to MARKA in April and May 2015 were also discussed at the meeting. For the project proposals submitted within the scope of Direct Activity Support, 7 of the projects whose preliminary examination and technical evaluation stages have been completed are eligible for support. kazanit was announced. It was stated that 7 of 2 projects are from Bolu.

The project "Bolu Increases Its Competitiveness in Alternative Tourism with Mountain Sled and Ropeway Project" prepared by Bolu Municipality and Bolu Province Municipalities Solid Waste Disposal Test. Exchange rate. The project titled “BEKAB Feasibility Study for Studies to Create a Base for Sustainable Integrated Solid Waste Management” presented by the Association of Business and Enterprises deserves support from MARKA. kazanwas.

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