Metrobus accident on the Bosphorus Bridge

Metrobus accident on the Bosphorus Bridge: The metrobus that got out of control at the Bosphorus Bridge toll booths crashed into the barriers.

The accident occurred at the toll booths at the crossing of the Bosphorus Bridge to the Anatolian side, around 10.00:XNUMX. The Metrobus under the direction of Kemal Özer, which carried out the Avcılar - Söğütlüçeşme expedition, got out of control and hit the barriers at the exit of the Bosphorus bridge. Erol Buyer, one of the passengers on the metrobus during the accident, was injured and taken to the hospital. Other passengers survived the accident unscathed. While Metrobus driver Kemal Özer left the questions unanswered, eyewitness citizens said, “Metrobus is fast.
it came somehow. He hit the left sidewalk. Then he hit the barriers and entered here. One person was slightly injured, hit his lower back. "There is nothing with the other passengers," he said. There was a short-term disruption in metrobus services due to the accident.

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