Izmir Monorail project reached an agreement

An agreement was reached in the İzmir Monorail project: The crisis of the permits experienced in the monorail project in Gaziemir was solved between the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the 2 Regional Directorate of Highways.

While the last problems were eliminated for the Monorail project, which was postponed due to the allocation and permit crisis experienced in the previous periods, it reached an agreement between the Regional Directorate of Highways and the Metropolitan Municipality for the 2,2 km line. According to the news of Egepostasi.com; The directorate, which took action upon the instructions of Lütfi Elvan, the Former Minister of Transport before the elections, gives bureaucratic permissions for the realization of the project, while the municipality will pay a total allocation of 1 million 864 thousand liras.

With the developments, the last obstacle in front of Büyükşehir has been removed for the project that will contribute to the transportation of the Fair İzmir and carry thousands of passengers per hour. Turkey will be the first to be made along the monorail project and tender for construction and will be completed in 2 years.


Approval from the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways finally arrived for the highly anticipated Monorail project. The contacts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who met with Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication at the end of last year, gave positive results. While determining the usage costs of the vehicles belonging to the Highways and the surrounding lands, a protocol is expected to be signed between the two institutions in the coming days. With the signing of the signatures, the Metropolitan Municipality, which will complete the preparations for the tender, will press the button to start the transportation project that will serve on the route of approximately 2,2 kilometers.


Izban Esbas to start from the station and will end Menderes in Izmir Fair Monorail Project, it will be the first in Turkey. In the project, which will consist of a 2,2-kilometer, single-track, 3-train set of 3 trains and a workshop building, a total of 2 million 1 thousand TL will be paid to the 864nd Regional Directorate of Highways for various permits. 64 thousand 368 TL for control service fee, 848 thousand 989 TL for land use permit fee for longitudinal transition, 466 thousand 944 TL for road use fee, 312 thousand 228 TL for transverse transition, 171 thousand 725 TL for road usage fee. After the money to be paid under the protocol to be made, there will be no obstacles in front of Monorail.


The Monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on the elevated columns, will start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN and will cut Akçay Street and continue in the direction of Ring Road-Gaziemir Junction-Ring Road and reach the new fair area. The Monorail system, which is planned as a double line, will carry passengers by providing uninterrupted transportation between İZBAN and the new exhibition area on a 2-kilometer route. Passengers who want to come to the new fair complex will be transported with the modern and comfortable Monorail system after arriving at the ESBAŞ station with İZBAN.

Visitors will also be able to use the same system during the fair return. Monorail, which will be established for the first time in Izmir, Turkey, then the tender will be completed within the year will be approximately 2. Many international companies are expected to participate in the tender for the Monorail system, which can reach up to 45 thousand passengers per hour.

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