The world's longest railway tunnel opens next year

The world's longest railway tunnel opens next year: the 57 kilometer-long Gothard tunnel, which connects northern Europe to Italy via Switzerland, will be launched in 1 June 2016.

The tunnel, which started its work in 1996, ended in 2011. Swiss Transport Minister Doris Leuthard and Swiss Railways SBB Managing Director Andreas Meyer came together at the Gothard Tunnel and started the countdown.

When finished, the Gothard Railway Tunnel, which will allow the distance between Zurich and Milan to be covered in 2 hours and 40 minutes, is 57 kilometers long. High Speed ​​Trains in the tunnel will be able to speed up to 250 kilometers per hour. But another factor that makes the project important; The fact that the cargo transportation in Europe, which is mostly carried out by railways, will allow the passage of the Swiss Alps with the new tunnel to be at high tonnages. Today, up to 28 tons of cargo can be transported up to 40 tons on new trains and railways.

There will be a rail in the Gothard tunnel, which is built through two separate tunnels, both on arrival and off. In the 50 1992, the first digging for tunnels was hit in 1993, while the 1998 started the preparations for the crazy project, which was decided to be built in the 15 annually. Tunneling work on the east side ended first on 2010 October 23, while west side ended at 2011 March 2010. In 800, a special ventilation system was used in the tunnel construction where the engineers and workers reached to one thousand 28 people with total employees. While the 45 temperature was provided in the tunnel, the project managers mentioned that there would be a temperature reaching the 50-XNUMX degree in the tunnel if there is no cooling system.

When it was finished, Minister of Transport Doris Leuthard called the Gothard Tunnel Project 'the project of the century'. 10 stressed that the project, which includes the longest railway tunnel in the world with its kilometers length, symbolizes the innovation capacity, reliability and accuracy of Switzerland. SBB officials stated that the latest technological systems on railways were used in the tunnel, the studies continued as planned and the first travel trials were planned in October.

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