Metrobus Alert from Experts


Metrobus warning from experts: Interpretation of experts on metrobuses New accidents may occur at any moment.

Every day, millions of people are using the metrobus or on the move while burning, or wheel breaks out, or malfunctioning citizens are victimized. Metrobus, which is implemented by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul with the claims that it will ease transportation, becomes a total suffering in public transport. Citizens traveling in the fish farms, due to the solution can not stop using the BRT. Experts explain the situation as unplanned and impertinent.

»TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Istanbul Branch Secretary Zafer Güzey:

We have stated that BRT is not a solution since the beginning and the rail system can be a solution. We also talked to the driver friends after the accident. They have not received any training on how to use the Metrobus. It is a very serious problem that metrobuses are flowing backwards. After the fire in Şirinevler, we received a document. IETT was awarded a tender to create a fire detection system in these vehicles. This tender specification does not meet the standard. They are bidding under local and local standards. The maintenance, revision and operation of the metrobuses are made with the aim of profit. No public interest. Who will get the tender and how much will be won. Employees are not trained, they are used far beyond the capacity of BRT. Under these circumstances, it is very natural that the vehicle breaks down. In a system where thousands of people are moved every day, such carelessness and insensitivity are not acceptable. Metrobüste is literally a day rescue project. This kind of problems started to be experienced more by subcontracting the lines of IETT. They carry free people for the AKP rally, but they don't care about the driver or the vehicle. Metrobüs is not saying anything different about the latest disaster in Şirinevler. Even the person in charge doesn't know how it is designed, how it goes. Although it does not say ur We will correct “, ğ It is true. May be, '' he says.

»Transport Specialist Murat Akad:

Metrobüs was not a mode of transportation applied by planning. It was decided quickly and had an unplanned life. Before the realization of the Metrobus, there were banquets on the ring road extending from Avcilar to Zincirlikuyu. In order to be able to squeeze the metrobus road on the ring road, those banquets were destroyed. This is the result of an unplanned. As soon as a vehicle fails, a lane is canceled and traffic is blocked. This is a situation that reduces security. Generally, the risk of accidents increases the safety of metrobus. Metrobus has a capacity problem. No matter how often you run, the number of people that these vehicles can carry cannot reach the number of people that a rail system consisting of several cars can carry. 30 can remove a vehicle per second, but as in the present, you can make people travel without being human. It is based on the fact that it is human. If you want to solve the transportation problem of a city in the size of Istanbul; a planning should be done. When there are unique solutions without planning, there are things that do not actually exist and save some days. For this reason, since there was no complete planning for the BRT, traffic solution was not a solution.

May 16 2014

With the breakdown of the metrobus at the Bosphorus Bridge, citizens' right to transportation turned into a grief. Metas walked up to Metrobus from the metrobuses to Mecidiyeköy and Zincirlikuyu stops.

December 21 2014

Kadıköy- A fire broke out in the engine part of a metrobus located in the Sogutlucesme metrobus stop.

11 February

A metrobus failure at the Bahçelievler stop. The malfunctioning metrobus caused a long tail.

24 March

A metrobus burned in Şirinevler. Metrobus flights due to fire stopped for a while and fortunately there was no loss of life.

10 April

Uzunçayır-Zincirlikuyu expedition at the Acibadem stop metrobüsün back wheel was displaced. The thrown wheel damaged the 100 vehicle, which first used Metrobus itself and then the D-4 Highway.




    1. Experts have found very accurate and appalling findings. For some reason, our work is always done in this way, no one is questioned, questioned, on top of it is taking a premium. A complete SONG example. We are not the locator of this system called METROBUS. In the literature, you will find that there are a series of test lines and many years of tests in the European advanced technical countries, especially in the years of 70-80.
      The question is: why didn't these countries implement this system, why didn't they make the export door? In any case, certainly not because they are more stupid than us! In that case…?
      It was obvious that Metrodüs was not suitable for this load and could not bear this burden. It is clear that it is only considered temporary. So, how is the work of developing and developing alternative systems? There is an indisputable obligation to inform the local authorities about this issue. Unique to us "Who's Who, duma dum", "this is Turkey .." etc. There's no room for bullshit. Country, cities all of us. The duty of responsible citizenship and the effort to become a real citizen is our duty. In our country, the age can be accounted for now, is going! Finally: the employees of the official institutions; The period of a finding a problem for every solution, creating it ın, ın why not to be made “is not suitable for us and the era we are in. Now we are in the process of gathering everyone's mind. Not even a penny to be wasted in his native country!