Important step in the national Metro

Important step on the way to the National Metro: Signed for the construction of Genel National Metro ELS and security systems between the General Directorate of EGO and ASELSAN. Within the framework of the protocol, cooperation will be made in “National Transportation and Security Systems Project esi which is the most important pillar of National Metro construction.

EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu and ASELSAN A.Ş. With the cooperation protocol signed by General Manager Faik Eken at the ceremony held at the General Directorate of EGO, the two institutions will work together on lüğü Transportation and Security Systems İşbirliği for 2 years. Necmettin Tahiroğlu Speaking at the signing ceremony, as EGO, with Turkey, which is one of the most important institutions ASELSAN "National Underground" construction of the vehicle, to cooperate on security and signage, pulling attention will be very beneficial for big contribution as well as EGO will provide the country's economy, " Yazılım The National Modular Traction System Design and Development Project kullanıl, which includes original hardware, software and algorithms to be developed with local facilities, will be implemented for use in light rail and subway vehicles, metro he said. Within the framework of the protocol, the üz Urban Transportation, Signaling and Control System ray works will be carried out for the urban light rail and metro transportation systems. General Manager Tahiroğlu stated that mal Metro Open Lines Security System Project will be done.


As part of the development of the project, Tahiroğlu stated that the subway train which is not in use due to the defect is to be given to ASELSAN for 2 years, and said: Thanks to this train, the technical team will try and install the parts they have developed. They will also have repaired the train. During these studies, EGO's expert teams will provide technical consultancy services to ASELSAN. Bu
Within the scope of the project, EGO kazanTahiroğlu, who stated that he will host the development and production of the "National Traction System" in addition to the constructions, said, "As a result of the cooperation of EGO and ASELSAN, thanks to the localization works, the materials to be used in the subways will be made local, while the necessary purchases will be made more cheaply." Pointing out that ASELSAN will have developed the system with the support of EGO in light rail vehicles and signaling within the framework of the protocol, Tahiroğlu said, “As a result of these studies, the security system of the metro will be established. In addition, ASELSAN is an important reference for light rail vehicle systems, metro and urban transportation signaling tenders and metro line security system tenders. kazanit will be,” he said.

Thanks to EGO

ASELSAN General Manager Faik Eken national projects, in order to develop, support ASELSAN with all the facilities at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and EGO by thanking the General Directorate, ASELSAN's transport side of 40 years defense industry experience, energy and security areas in Turkey's needs said that he developed critical technologies and worked for the production of national solutions.
Eken stated that they were very pleased that they had the opportunity to serve the Capital as one of the largest industrial organizations established in Ankara. Lar We believe that transportation and security system projects to be developed under national protocols will take its place as the technological products that Başkent Ankara will be proud of in the future . The rail transport and security system projects developed by ASELSAN will be tested and put into operation in real conditions with the metro vehicles and infrastructure facilities provided by the General Directorate of EGO. With these projects, ASELSAN will have an important reference Bu.

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