Eskişehir opens to world markets in rail systems

Eskişehir is opening to world markets in rail systems: Eskişehir, TÜLOMSAŞ is preparing to increase its claim in the world markets by including 200 million dollar National Rail Research and Test Center project as well as institutions such as Rail Systems Cluster.

Eskişehir aims to make marketable products for the world countries in the rail systems sector. In this process based on innovation, TÜLOMSAŞ, Rail Systems Cluster and National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM) to be established are preparing Eskişehir for competition in the world market.

Rail Systems President Kenan be clustered Light, the city's TÜLOMSAŞ, Hasanbey Logistics Center, Logistics Specialized Area and Rail Systems Industrial Area by stating that it has a significant advantage, "Turkey now needs to make a joint production sectors rail system with foreign companies. Turkey needs to change the perspectives of foreign firms serves as a transit point. Our corridors and international connections take us to a sine qua non in order for our country to get a share of this cake. We are now at the mid-point of the innovation process and we have to develop this type of industry by using it. Biz

uraysim the sector's development and that Turkey would fill a very important gap in terms of achieving the objectives defended Light, "unable product is something that we test could, product non-thing as perfection knows all the processes and technologies that work in Anadolu University is not sellable in this direction in Eskişehir URAYSİM will be established. U We will be our certification authority and we will have more than a 50 test path to test the world's fastest trains, which is a separate capability. Devam

Light is lost due to a long time bureaucratic problems URAYSİM project is lost in recent times, all the stakeholders of Eskişehir supported by the Light, nedeniyle URAYSİM about the constant troubles are mentioned. Our university has its source but we cannot get approval to use the source but when we look at it; 20 million dollars to a YHT train set, 391 million dollars to Ankara Metro vehicles, 2015 billion euros to the 2.5 budget of the TCDD, and 100 billion 3 million in the purchase of 200 set YHT. TCDD will pay 4 billion 300 million dollars for towing and towing vehicles, while TCDD's 2005-2003 is about 50 billion dollars. We're talking about an investment of 200 million euros for the infrastructure of URAYSİM, it's probably too small. We need to develop even more and we will gain a significant value, which is the only one in the world with its capabilities and infrastructure. Daha

TÜLOMSAŞ focused on the need for qualified staff

Moving with the aim of increasing the localization rate of the products in the rail systems sector, TÜLOMSAŞ has developed a project for the qualified human resources of the sector. Hayal Avci, the General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, who provided information on the Project of Meeting Qualified Human Resources in the Rail Systems Sector, aiming to provide the employment of 50 engineers and 50 technicians to the sector at least every year. The aim of our project is to provide financial contribution to the students and to employ the most successful students in the branch of the company for at least two years. öğ In order to realize the project, ETO, ESO, universities, National Education Directorate, İŞKUR and Rail Systems Cluster underline the need for cooperation between TÜLOMSAŞ and Avcı said,, The aim of the project is to produce high-speed trains that will speed up to 250. In the companies in the Rail Systems Cluster, the level of knowledge related to the market, product, process and product performance related to the sector needs to be increased. Ray

URAYSİM budget is waiting to be revised

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gündoğan stated that they are in serious impatience about URAYSİM and sür The land planned for URAYSİM in the Alpu district of Eskişehir was taken out of the pasture area after long bureaucratic processes and became ready for the development plan. In the planning of the project, there were no plans for the testing of the high-speed train, and within three years there were significant developments in the production of the national train in TÜLOMSAŞ. We have applied to the Ministry of Development to request a revision of our project budget of 380 million pounds for such a facility to be a larger center where the test line of both the convex railway line and the high speed train line will be located. We hope that the process is continuing as soon as our budget is revised, we will start our investment, Şu he said. Gündoğan said that the company, which received the test roads tender, will deliver the project in a couple of months, and stated that the project on the construction of the specifications and service buildings for the test benches is ready and that the tender will be held in these two areas with the budget revision.



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