Demirtaş Junction Opened to Transportation

Demirtaş Intersection Opened to Transportation: Demirtaş Intersection, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for 35 million TL, was opened to vehicle traffic by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe. Altepe said that with the Demirtaş Intersection, which was opened for use, another deadlock in urban transportation was solved.
The Metropolitan Municipality has removed the traffic lights at the Demirtaş junction of the Near East Ring Road and built Bursa's largest bridge intersection instead. The opening of the 80-kilometer-long junction consisting of 8 arms and 4 main axes, which is located on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters, was held after the press statement made by President Altepe.
Stating that the lights on the Demirtaş turnout of the Near East Ring Road disrupted the traffic and made the ring road almost unusable, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the troubles in this area for decades have become history with the bridge intersection built. President Altepe, who stated that the crossroad with 35 thousand square meters of green space and 80 thousand square meters of land, consisting of 8 arms and 4 main axes, on which 43 thousand square meters of asphalt work was carried out, cost a total of 35 million TL, said, “Another problem that has been going on for decades, this has become history with investment. Traffic lights on the Demirtaş turnout of the Near East Ring Road had a deadlock in the transportation of Demirtaş sub-district and the organized industrial zone with the inner city and Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts. Especially in the evening, miles of vehicle queues formed on the ring road. This is 20 thousand square meters larger than the Acemler Crossroad. With the investment we have made, we ensure direct passage of Demirtaş sub-district and industrial zone both within the city and with Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts. Vehicle queues of kilometers in the evening hours on the ring road are also history. "Good luck," he said.
Work for Demirtaş Köprülü Junction started in November of 2014. 9.000 tone base base, 12.000 tone binder base, 800 tone binder, 300 tone wear, 22.000 tone subbase, 50.000 cubic meter stabilized filling material were used in the intersection works. In addition, the 10 kilometer road border, 3.500 meter garden border and 9.000 square cobblestone pavement were laid. Construction site; 7000 m3 concrete, 400 tons of iron, 40 tons of steel, 2640 meter bored piles (132 units) were used. Road and environmental fills, asphalt, traffic signage and orientation signage work was done. The construction of Demirtaş Bridge, which opens to the traffic of Bursa on the basis of the asphalt poultice, will be completed in June along with all the landscaping works.



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