Road works in Kurucuova neighborhood

Road works are done in Kurucuova neighborhood: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality teams are working on opening and expanding new road in Kurucuova neighborhood of Doğanşehir.
In a statement on the subject, the teams in the Kurucuova neighborhood, a work of approximately 14 kilometers, 4 meter-wide roads are increased to the width of the 8 meter, at critical points, the road width was increased to 10 meters in some places. Following the announcement, ası Teams in Kurucuova Kalecik Street for the new road opening and road expansion work at 700 meters, the road to extend the 4 kilometer road at Kırbayır Street due to Kurucuova, and the road to expand and extend the 5 kilometers in Yeşilova Street, Mestikolar Sokak in the 4 kilometer road and is doing expansion work. On the roads, firstly the bend corrections and the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, which made the stallings, put concrete shanks on the stream beds in various diameters. At the end of the works that continue the work of sub-base materials, surface coating asphalt work will be carried out on the roads im.
Providing support to the Metropolitan Municipality teams in the works of Kurucuova neighborhood, Doğanşehir Mayor Vahap Küçük thanked the Mayor Ahmet Çakır for his work. The Metropolitan Municipality, Doganşehir has signed important works at many points in the President Küçük, birçok great works are done in Dogansehir. Kurucuova Our work in the neighborhood is admirable, new ways to open this neighborhood, road expansion work, infrastructure work is done. The first floor asphalt works will be carried out. In our Polat neighborhood, hot asphalt works are done, very good works have been done, it continues to be done. I appreciate the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. We're meeting with all the district mayors. We agree that the Metropolitan Municipality has made important works in the way of road services. Nice teams. They're working very hard. People from these teams agree. I would like to thank those who contributed again to this work. Bu
Muhtar HASAN Biricik, who stated that Kurucuova Neighborhood is composed of 14 street, said, ız I would like to thank the managers and employees of the Metropolitan Municipality who made our way to our Mayor Ahmet Çakır. Doğanşehir Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality hand in hand, solve our problems. Our neighborhood is 14. We had transportation problems in winter. We haven't had asphalt on our roads for years. Great work is being done now. How much we can thank you ad he said.



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