Viaduct project to connect with 3 county

The viaduct project and 3 district will be connected: The viaduct project started in Derince and the remaining stages of the 20 meter ring road will relieve both the traffic of the district and the Izmit, Derince and Körfez districts from the north as an alternative to the D-100 Highway.
Derince Mayor Ali Haydar Bulut emphasized the importance of the 20-meter road and viaduct project is now underway. In this context, the field studies of the project started. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Directorate of Road Maintenance and Construction Branch of the tender process at the end of the tender process of the firm that has been initiated by the firm FNS Construction and the completion of a one-year project within the scope of the project is planned to organize the remaining stages of the Derince alternative and a viaduct is planned.
When the project is completed, Sırrıpaşa, Çenedağ and Çınarlı neighborhoods in Derince will be connected to each other by a 20-meter 2 × 2 lane ring road and a 170-meter span and 30-meter-high viaduct to be built on Cımbızdere. As an alternative to the D-100 Highway, the project, which will greatly ease the traffic of Derince, will reduce the vehicle traffic in the district center and neighboring districts will be connected to each other from the north via this alternative road. In addition, when the project is completed, it will be easier to reach Derince Training and Research Hospital from Izmit and Körfez districts.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:23

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