17. European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) Congress Ended

  1. European Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) Congress Ended: Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association, organized by the 17. European Ready-Mixed Concrete Union Congress (ERMCO) was completed.

Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association hosted his 17. The European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association Congress was held in Istanbul between 4-5 June 2015. More than 400 ready-mix concrete industry representatives from many countries, including the UK, Italy and Germany, attended the congress. In the congress, where 38 and 23 in total were presented 61 scientific reports from abroad, four different sessions were held in two different halls that focused on the sustainability of concrete solutions, the contribution of concrete to society, developments in concrete, marketing and management of concrete. In addition to the exhibition, where materials, products and equipment are provided for the production and testing of concrete simultaneously, the photographs of the underwater concrete sculptures of Jason De Caires Taylor, one of the best 25 wonders of the world, were exhibited in the scope of the ERMCO 2015 Congress.

Both domestically as well as abroad academics, organizations, concrete and equipment manufacturers to bring the congress on June 4 Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association Chairman Yavuz Light and ERMCO Chairman Stein began with Tosterud opening speech. Yavuz said following a speech in the Light "constantly ready-mixed concrete sector in parallel with the construction sector in Turkey is showing improvement every day. Mega projects such as the Eurasia Tunnel, Izmit Tunnel and the 3rd bridge offer great opportunities for our industry. On the other hand, the facilities of the members of our Association are constantly audited by the KGS - Quality Assurance System in order to produce in accordance with the standards and to create much safer living spaces for our people.

Burcu Uygur, Sales and Marketing Officer of IMER-L & T, the Main Sponsor of the Congress, Nurettin Özdebir, ASO President, Erdal Bahçıvan and Prof. Dr. It continued with the speeches of Ali Taşdemir. Lecturer Surrendra P. Shah's presentation on 'Advances in Concrete Science in the Last 50 Years', within the scope of the sustainability of concrete and the contribution of concrete to society, evaluated the Eurasia Tunnel Project and the 3rd Bridge Project.

On the last day of the congress, many experts in the field gave information about the different construction techniques of the concrete, the concrete sector in the countries and the marketing and sales strategies in the concrete sector.

  1. A technical trip was organized to the Eurasia Tunnel Project (the Bosphorus Tube Passage Project), which will link the European and Asian sides of the 6 in June to a highway tunnel that passes under the sea.

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