Claim of 135 trillion damage in Istanbul Metro

Claims of 135 trillion losses in Istanbul Metro: It was claimed that the transactions made for the signaling system of the Istanbul Metro were wronged and that the public was damaged by at least 135 trillion TL.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) 's deputies from the CHP Taner Kazanoğlu, Dr. Hakkı Sağlam and Hüseyin Sağ carried the claim that the public was damaged due to overpayment to Kadikoy, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

In the motion, the uncertainties in the procurement procedures for the signaling system were highlighted. Assembly members, underlined that the subway signaling system has been rebuilt several times by different companies and this company emphasized that the names have not been disclosed.

The members of the Assembly addressed the following questions to the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Topbaş: How many separate sections will be awarded after that? Taksim-4 made by Alstom. While the Levent Metro was extended from Yenikapı-Hacıosman, the Alstom system was completely dismantled and the Siemens system was installed. What is the amount of payment made by Alstom to both companies? Which signaling companies have been tendered on the Metro lines that have been tendered as currently available? What are the tender costs of each metro line? Have you made a check especially for the price paid for each extension station? Para 135 emphasized that the trillion damages are out of the citizen's pocket, and stressed that the wrong tenders jeopardized human life as well as the loss of money.

Each rail vehicle has its own safety type. Since the trams enter the traffic, they are driving with sight and the tunnel metros are provided with an interlocking system for driving. The control center collects all line-length equipment information and decides whether a train is allowed to enter a rail zone according to this information. When any train enters a scissor or rail zone, the zone is locked until the train leaves that rail zone and no operation is allowed. In this way, trains are not allowed to enter the other block from the block, thus preventing collisions.

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