13 Railway Line that Nostalgic Lovers Don't Want to Miss

1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday
1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday

13 railway lines that nostalgia lovers wouldn't want to miss: it wasn't too old; On the way from Istanbul to Ankara, the friendships established in the dining car, the conversations made by drinking beer along the way, the finished books. It is the loudest but most comfortable sleep of his life in Adana, Erzurum and sleeping. Agatha roam inspiration East Ekspresi'yl to Christie Turkey ... Today for us they are now no more than a nostalgic, yet old-fashioned train journeys in the world still being done, as well as sometimes the age of the approaching locomotive and wagons in a century. We chose 13 of the most enjoyable and nostalgic for you. Welcome to the gallery.

1. Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is a train that runs between spectacular views across the Swiss Alps. Leaves from Zermatt He's reaching Mortiz. On the road, you can travel between the snowy mountains of Switzerland and among the lush plains, accompanied by a blue sky. 8 passes 91 tunnels and 291 bridges throughout the hourly journey.

2. Durango - Silverton Narrow Railway

This line of 914 meters in Colarodo, America, takes its passengers back to 130 years ago. The 1882 steam-powered steam train from 29 runs at 1969 km / h per hour. One of the traits of the trainers who prefer nostalgic travel is the fact that the film was featured in the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, made by Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

3. Hiram Bingham East Express

Expres, named after the American explorer Hiram Bingham who discovered Machu Pichu, is commuting between two historical points of Peru. The line runs from Curzo, a period capital of the Incan civilization, to Machu Pichu, where the Incan ruins still exist. A vintage train that appears to be from the 1920s serves food service during the crossing of the Urubamba Valley.

4. TranzAlpine

Although the train line in New Zealand gives the impression that it is in Europe in the first place, it actually travels from Christchurch to Greymount. It is possible to see the Canterbury plains, which are formed by large streams, along the 4.5-hour road, the Waimakiriri River spreading across South New Zealand with its length of 151 km, and the Artur Pass National Park.

5. Talyllyn Railway

The Talyllyn Railway, which is located in Wales, England, is passing as one of the protected railways. The historic train from 1865, a coal-powered locomotive, crosses the lush Fathew Valley and reaches Tywyn.

6. Rocky Mountaineer

The railway station in Canada travels from Vancouver to Banff, the town of Alberta, famous for its waterways. The trains of the lines that run out of the rivers between the mountains are ambitious. Those who can meet the first-class wagon have the chance to watch four sides of the glass roof.

7. Grand Canyon

The railroad in Arizona is a brief summary of the history of American railroad. From 1923, the occupants are from 1952, the first-class compartment from 1950. The most interesting detail about the train is that the 2 time lasts for 15 minutes and this time is only shorter than 1901 minutes at 45.

8. The Royal Scotsman

As its name suggests, the railway is located in Scotland. The very stylish and luxurious train does not only travel its passengers in the valleys of Scotland, but also makes them feel like a king. Let's not forget, the train is only for 36 personality.

9. Maharajas Express

The Indian expr of 88 passenger transports its passengers from Delhi to Mumbai. During the 3 to 7 day-long journey, the tourist attractions of India pass through Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur and Ranthambore. Each hall in the train takes its name from the precious stones of Maharaja.

10. Douro Line

The feature of this line in Portugal is its breathtaking nature from spring to summer. From Porto to Pincho, the line runs through the vineyards and almond trees and travels along the Douro River. In total, the 30 bridge and 26 reach the destination by crossing the tunnel.

11. The Ghan

From Adelaide to Darwin, the 3 day 2 night, the 3000 km line is the easiest way to see the beauty of Australia.

12. Napa Valley Wines Train

There is not much to say since the Napa Valley and its wines are used in the same sentence. The train line from Napa to St Helena gives passengers the opportunity to see the vineyards stretching along the Napa Valley with stamps made of 1915-17.

13. Rhine Valley Line

The line, which runs along the Rhine coast of Germany, offers postcards from its postcards to its passengers from Mainz to Koenlenz. Almost a few kilometers along the 100 km, it is possible to see a castle or fortress
Bonus: Trans Siberia

Trans Siberia, which is famous for being the longest railway in the world, starts from Moscow, Russia and ends in Japan when saying West Russia, Siberia, Far East Russia, Mongolia and China. The total length of the railway, which started to be built in 1891, is 9288 km, it takes 91 days to cover the entire express, which stops at 9 stops in total.

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