Sarajevo to Xnumx tram from Konyadan

From Sarajevo to Sarajevo: 20 tram: One copy of the first electric tram used in 1895 in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the first tramway in Europe was built, was once again on the streets of Sarajevo.

The "Nostalgic" tram was put on the tracks again within the scope of the Canton Days of Sarajevo. Moving from the Train Station stop, the tram passing through Başçarşı and returning to the Train Station via Marshal Tito Street attracted great attention from the citizens.

Avdo Vatric, the director of GRAS in Sarajevo, said that Sarajevo was following innovations in 1895.

Stating that many of the trams in Sarajevo are old today and the rails need to be renewed, Vatric stressed that they have presented the repair project they prepared for raising the rails to the level in other European countries, to the Ministry of Transport of the Sarajevo Canton.

Transport Minister Muyo Faso also said that the safety of citizens traveling by tram was the top priority for them.

20 trams from Konya

Meanwhile, 20 new trams coming from Konya will be added to the German and Czech trams that are used today on the streets of Sarajevo. GRAS Manager Vatriç stated that 20 trams coming from Konya will be used instead of 20 old trams.

Citizens will be able to travel on the same route throughout the day with a nostalgic tram.

Europe's first tram

Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was added to the Ottoman lands by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in 1463, passed under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1878. One of the projects implemented in the country by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which took over the administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was "Europe's first tram".

Avoiding that the tram will not be accepted by the public in its own country and that it will not be able to travel as planned, the Australian-Hungarian authorities decided that the first flight of the tram will be held in Sarajevo, not Vienna.

The work started in 1884 in Sarajevo ended in 1885. The "first tram", made of wood and pulled by horses, made its first flight on November 28, 1885, after sitting on its track. The length of the rails of this tram, which was used for the first time in Europe, was 3,1 kilometers. The tram completed its flights in 28 minutes with 13 passengers from Ferhadiye Street to the train station. Since the rails are unidirectional, the horse coming to the last stop is tied to the other end of the tram and the trips are made in this way. The horses that pulled the tram were changed and rested every two times.

Ten years after 1885, when the first tram of horses started to be used, Sarajevo got its first electric tram, but it took a long time for the people of Sarajevo to get used to it. The public refrained from getting on these trams, which they called "the electric monster", for a long time.

In Sarajevo, tram services are organized at a distance of 20 kilometers between Ilica and Bascarsija.

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