Tram cuts CNN Turkish employees (Video)

The tram cut CNN Türk employees: The car trying to cross the tramway in Bahçelievler collided head-on. In Bahçelievler, the car that tried to cross the tram road collided head-on. 2 people injured in the vehicle divided into two were hospitalized.

The accident occurred on the Bahçelievler Mehmet Akif Avenue around 18.30. Allegedly, the 34 FU 7786 license plate car, which wanted to cross over the tramway in the red light, was moving in the direction of Güngören at that time. Kabataş-It collided with the tram running on Bağcılar line. The tram that took the car under could barely stop. The car was divided into two as a result of the accident, one woman and two people stuck in the vehicle. Citizens reported the incident to the firefighters and police teams. Fire crews coming to the scene in a short time saved 2 people stuck. Wounded Bakırköy He was taken to Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital.


The tram stops after the accident, while the long tail of the vehicle occurred on the road. Police teams from the scene launched an investigation into the accident.


Due to the accident, tram services could not be made between Zeytinburnu and Bağcılar. Passengers getting off at Zeytinburnu stop had to go to Güngören by walking from the tramway.

Stopped by tram after the crash of the car attempting to cross the tram in BAHÇELİEVLER and head-on collision after the 4,5 halted hours after hours.

At 18.30:XNUMX on Mehmet Akif Street Kabataş- The tram service stopped after the accident that occurred as a result of the head-on collision between the tram running on the Bağcılar line and the car trying to cross the road, returned to normal at around 4,5 hours after the activities lasting about 23.00 hours.

Returning to the scrap heap, the car was removed from the tramway by fire and municipal teams and loaded on the tow truck. The tram, which was damaged in front of it, was temporarily repaired by the technical team of Istanbul Transportation INC.


Dr. Bakırköy, where Safiye Işıklı, one of the CNN Turkish News Center employees, who was trapped in the vehicle and was seriously injured in the accident, was removed. While it was learned that he was operated on at Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, it was learned that Hüseyin Cem Öznurlular, who was in good condition, continued his treatment.



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