Both thermal spa and ski resort

Both thermal spa and ski center: Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu talked about the great transformation in the district. Saraoğlu plenty of oxygen and the famous Murat Mountain ski resort with healing waters that established a first in Turkey said

Gediz district, 90 kilometers from Kütahya, has become the shining star of the city with the transformation it has experienced in recent years. Gediz Mayor Dr. Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu told Anatolia in the SABAH about his work in the district. Mayor Saraoğlu said, “As the Municipality of Gediz, we are happy to realize the expectations of our people by using the resources provided by our government rationally. President Saraoğlu pointed out that the divided road works initiated on the Gediz-Kütahya route within the scope of double roads initiated by the AK Party government throughout the country continue: “The divided road of Kütahya-Gediz from Gelinkaya location to our historical region of Çavdarhisar will be covered with BSK hot asphalt, which is known as concrete asphalt among our people. Its tender has been completed. In addition to the Kütahya-Gediz highway, the Gediz-Uşak road was also tendered. Abide location and Uşak will be offered to the service of our people with hot asphalt. Thus, the complaints of our people will be resolved. I would like to express my gratitude to Kütahya Deputy and former President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Industry-Trade Commission, Soner Aksoy, who greatly supported us in resolving these roads. " Mayor Saraoğlu also explained the details of the project on Murat Mountain, which will attract tourists to the district. Saraoğlu "Turkey's most healing spas and thermal facilities of the establishment is located at the Murat Mountain ski resort with both healing to live together entertainment," he said.

Mayor Saraoğlu said, “Murat Mountain is the subject of researches of medical and forestry faculties with its healing hot spring waters, pine forests, rich plant flora” and continued: “For years, construction of a ski center in Murat Mountain has been talked about. It was our duty to put it into practice and provide the necessary equipment. Our district is experiencing a first in Turkey. We provided both healing hot springs, ice-cold spring water and skiing for our guests who came to our district. Thermal waters and ski centers on Murat Mountain, famous for its oxygen, are in great demand not only from Kütahya, but also from İzmir, Uşak, Manisa, Balıkesir and Eskişehir. " Stating that they also attach importance to other touristic areas in the district, Saraoğlu said that they have undertaken many projects in order for tuists to reach the ancient Roman city of Çavdarhisar (Aizonai) more easily.

Gediz Mayor Mehmed Ali Saraoğlu said, “Unfortunately, our Gedizli fellow citizens had to travel from the city center to reach Altıntaş Zafer Airport in Kütahya. Naturally, the distance was too long, which was a big disadvantage. The necessary tender was made to find a solution to this problem ”. Stating that the contract was signed with the contractor firm, Saraoğlu said, “Asphalt road construction is started for the short road connection of Gediz-Altıntaş Zafer Airport. Thus, Gedizliler will be able to reach Altıntaş Zafer Airport by short way without having to travel the long way. Not only Gediz residents but also our neighbors from Uşak will be able to reach the airport via this line without stopping by the city center of Kütahya ”.

Mayor Saraoğlu stated that the name of Murat Mountain will soon be heard by everyone and said: “The feasibility studies of the project that will bring thermal water and ski center together in Murat Mountain, one of the thermal tourism centers of our district, has started. As a result of the researches, we determined that there is no project that combines such thermal water and a ski center in the world. The project was initiated to be implemented, measurement work continues. It will soon become one of the few ski centers in Gediz. "