Sultanbeyliye 3 Separate Metro Line Coming

Sultanbeyliye 3 Separate Metro Line Coming: Speaking at the opening ceremony and the groundbreaking ceremony held in Sultanbeyli, Mayor Kadir Topbaş, 68,5 billion pounds in Istanbul, Sultanbeyli 622 million liras said they invested, the district will pass the separate metro line 3 and two of them 2019 ' a heralded that you will catch up.

Investment in Sultanbeyli 622 million pounds li

Adil Mahallesi Neighborhood House, Park and Gardens Management Service Building and Football Field, Fatih Boulevard and Şanlıurfa-Hayat and Miraç Streets Arrangements were opened for service. Sultanbeyli Mosque, City Square and the construction of the parking lot at the foundation of the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş'ın, Sultanbeyli Mayor Hüseyin Keskin, representatives of civil society organizations and citizens attended.

Mayor Kadir Topbaş who came to the stand with the, Kadir Abi You are our everything ini of the citizens in the ceremony, announcing that they invested 11 billion liras in 68,5 annually, 662 million liras in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul and the statesmen and tourists who came to Istanbul admired the development of the city. said he followed.

Emphasizing that they were working to make the order of Sultanbeyli growing up in the past, Kadir Topbaş said: “We've always made it hard. Be fooled to do what others have broken. We continue to serve day and night knowing what it means to serve people and Istanbul and what will be the return. A different Sultanbeyli is emerging. This square wasn't gonna get through the traffic. We built this beautiful square by taking the traffic underground. We realized the pond project that changed the structure of Sultanbeyli. Sultan

Reminding that today they have openings for parks and streets, Mayor Topbaş said, katlı But more importantly, we are building a mosque in Sultanbeyli district, which will be the meeting point of the square and the storey car park. In the past, the municipality 11 has paid 68,5 billion liras per year. We have money in our safe, we don't have a debt to the state. Turkey's Istanbul on investment and services and represent exemplary in many cities around the world. When you do these services, your children will no longer suffer from your problems. We always felt the support of Sultanbeyli. We are trying to fulfill every request from you. It's done, whatever it takes. What troubles will be solved. Don't think the papers you give us in the programs are not taken into account like other politicians. We are doing all we need to examine each one of them, Hep he said.

Arrangement of the 3 street, reminiscent of the opening of the Mayor Topbas, laid the foundation of the mosque of the 1100 personality of the Ottoman Seljuk architecture will carry the breezes, 21 thousand square meters of the total area of ​​the mosque 4 storey car park will take place, he said. 3 thousand square meters in front of the mosque square will explain the reorganization of Mayor Topbas, so that the mosque will be a place in life, he said.

Sultanbeyli 3 separate metro line is coming Sultan

In his speech, Sultanbeyli gave the most modern yellow buses and promised metro to every neighborhood. Mayor Kadir Topbaş announces that there will be a separate metro line in Sultanbeyli in the past. Kadir Topbas, who noted that they will increase the number of voyages by the new buses 3 bus to the district, continued his words as follows:

“Could you imagine that the subway will come as you settle here? Let the subway station be no more than half an hour away from each neighborhood. With 3 different metro lines to be built in Sultanbeyli, from here to Üsküdar, Kartal, KadıköyYou will be able to go quickly and comfortably by metro to and from anywhere on the European side. Our Lord granted these services to us. Hopefully we will complete our 2 metro lines in 2019. This is when your troubles return to you as a mercy. ”

Instant solution to bus shortage Otobüs

Kadir Topbas, talking to a citizen who wants to bus to Mimar Sinan neighborhood while talking on the phone with the General Manager of İETT Mumin Kahveci, gave the instruction to resolve the problem. Mayor Topbaş realized the opening ceremony of the neighborhood mosque by cutting the ribbon with the children, then pushing the button and said, erek The investments we have made are better. I hope that we will be together at the opening of our mosque soon yakın.

Rail system investments to be made in Sultanbeyli and will pass through the district are: 10,9 kilometers Çekmeköy -Sultanbeyli Rail System Line, 5,5 kilometers Sultanbeyli - Kurtköy Rail System Line, 17 kilometers Kadıköy - Sultanbeyli Metro Line and the 3-kilometer Sultanbeyli Cable Car Line.




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