Steam locomotive and jeep opened to visit

Steam locomotive and opened the jeep to visit: historic steam locomotive in Alpullu sugar factory of Turkey's first sugar mill was brought into the jeep and tourism.

Alpullu of Turkey's first sugar factory in Babaeski district in the garage Atatürk Pavilion in Sugar Factory was renovated historic steam locomotives and jeeps to tourism

The 20 model steam locomotive and 1930 model jeep, located in the garage of the building where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the Alpullu Sugar Factory on December 1934, 1962, were renovated and opened to visitors.

Plant Manager Fikri Cömert, in his speech at the ceremony, said they were happy to bring the steam locomotive and jeep into tourism.

Steam locomotive 58, Jeep about 30 years, indicating that the factory services are used for the generous, 1992 said the vehicles were left out of service.

Explaining that the vehicles have a moral and historical value, Cömert said, “When I started working at the factory in 2013, we worked to present the steam locomotive and jeep for the benefit of the public. We did the maintenance, repair and cleaning works of both workers and officers doing their best. We are happy to bring steam locomotives and jeeps, whose spiritual and historical value cannot be measured with money, to tourism. I would like to thank Alpullu State Railways Station Chief, town tradesmen, workers and officers working in our factory who contributed to the works.

After the speeches, District Governor Alkan and his entourage opened and received information about the locomotive and jeep from Cömert.

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