Asphalt mobilization started in Sapanca

Asphalt mobilization was started in Sapanca: Sapanca Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs teams, the district initiated the mobilization of asphalting work.
The teams connected to the Directorate of Science Affairs have started the asphalting and repair works by giving priority to the roads and streets that are used extensively by the public. Hot asphalt is pouring into many avenues and streets; Mayor Assoc. Dr. Aydin Yilmazer in the studies on the site, the deterioration of the road repair work will continue throughout the district. The Directorate of Science Affairs teams will complete the work in the planned areas within the determined program. According to the program, the roads used extensively by the public, connection roads between neighborhoods, school districts and seriously damaged roads will be completed primarily.
In line with the asphalt program, Mayor Doç said that 20.000 tons of asphalt will be laid in Sapanca this summer. Dr Aydın Yılmazer made the following statement; “We accelerated the asphalting works in our district. Studies will continue within a certain program and in order of priority. We prioritize the heavily damaged roads that people use extensively. Our work will continue without slowing down so that the people of Sapanca can live in a safer, comfortable and peaceful environment. ”

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