Temporary workers of railways wanted their personal rights

The temporary workers of the railways asked for their rights: Workers working as temporary workers in the State Railways in Malatya requested 5 months 29 days a year.
Workers working as temporary workers in State Railways in Malatya, 5 month 29 days were employed, stating that they do not have the opportunity to retire under these conditions demanded regulation on personal rights.

Temporary workers working on the State Railways, Vice President of the Republican People's Party (CHP) and Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba, came together. Speaking on behalf of temporary workers, Murat Korkmaz said, “There are those who got a job in State Railways in 1983. These workers work for a maximum of 5 months and 29 days a year. If you divide this by 12 months, they run 15 days a month. We want our personal rights to be given. " said.

Korkmaz thanked Ağbaba for their support and said, “Mr. Ağbaba raised this issue many times in the Assembly. Among our friends, there are those who are over the age of 30 thousand, 2 thousand 2 and 100 thousand 2 days in their 200-year working period and have been laid off. These friends do not have the opportunity to retire. Veli Ağbaba raised this issue in the Parliament. We expect his support from now on, ”he said.


Veli Ağbaba, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP) and Malatya Deputy, stated that he visited the railway temporary workers in Suçatı in the year he was a member of parliament, and that he raised the problems of temporary workers at every opportunity.


Reminding that the Minister had promised to solve this problem when they brought up the problems of temporary jobs, Ağbaba said, “Unfortunately, this problem has not been solved. Actually, no one knows much about the problem of the workers at the State Railways. The public does not know much either. Temporary workers on the State Railways sometimes do not work for 5 days, sometimes for a month, sometimes at all. A temporary worker can only retire if he works for 150 years, ”he said.

Noting that he expressed the problems of temporary jobs working in Devlet Railways at every opportunity and will continue to bring them from now on, Ağbaba said, “We criticize the subcontractor system, but this system is worse than the subcontractor. How can the state do this to its workers, its citizens? It's not clear. If you were a subcontractor, the salary you get, how many days you will work, where and when you will work is certain. Now you are alert, you cannot get any other jobs. One of the last speeches I gave in the Parliament was about temporary workers. In the Assembly, “Mr. Minister, you promised temporary workers working on the State Railways 2-2,5 years ago. You said that we will recruit these workers somehow, but unfortunately, although 3 years have passed, there has been no progress, there has been a regression. These workers are waiting for good news from you, I said. They still haven't figured it out. ” He spoke in the form.

Ağbaba stated that it is not difficult to solve the problems of temporary workers and said, “We will continue this struggle. If we come to power, we will solve this problem radically. Because this is not something that will be a burden to the state. When we look at the total figure, there are 200 temporary workers of the State Railways. It's the state's fault for not solving this. You have experience in this job. kazanYou are the people who know this business. I want you to know that I will do my best to resolve this issue. Don't worry, we will definitely solve this when we come to power. In the CHP government, we said that we will finish the subcontractor. After all, when the subcontractor is finished, the temporary worker problem will also disappear.” used the expressions.

Ağbaba, party programs, the goal of finishing the contract work, he said.

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