There was a period of quality and stability in transportation

There was a period of quality and stability in transportation: 7 rally was organized in the days before the June elections. The AK Party has scored many important project for Turkey 12 years.

Consultant of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş in the transportation projects of Istanbul. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, the AK Party's projects in 12 year has become a modern city of Istanbul, he said. Transportation stating that the signatures that ensure the quality and stability laid the groundbreaking project "has been a leading name in Turkey Marmaray transport. Because this transportation concept was realized for the first time with the power of AK Party. Çünkü Ilıcalı, 7 stressed that they will implement new transportation projects after June.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş consultant. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı talked about the transportation projects successfully implemented during the AK Party:


The flight traffic carried compared to the past in Turkey is carried out with much more time. When we look at flight pricing in 2015, the fare paid by the passenger is sold with a very reasonable amount. In a sense, the airway has become the way of the people. This analogy has fully complied with aircraft pricing in the process. In addition, the number of airports to 53 and the connection of many provinces with airways have also affected the cultural and economic activities positively.


When we looked at the highway, there was no road after Erzurum which was divided into Erzurum. All of the transports from metropolitan cities to metropolitan cities are now connected by divided roads. Thanks to the divided roads, both the comfort and the speed of every citizen traveling have increased. The 17 has reduced the road traffic accidents of over one thousand kilometers by 80.


It realized that's exactly like the underground transport parameters are performing well in Turkey. temporal benefits us in terms of high-speed trains in Turkey should not be ignored.


Marmaray transport on behalf of a breakthrough in Turkey. Because this transportation concept was realized for the first time with the power of AK Party. Increasing this quality stability in transportation has provided positive gains in all aspects of our country.


In order to get the maximum benefit within the scope of transportation, we have implemented the Metrobüs transportation line. In 2002, we presented the Metrobus project to Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We then processed this type of transportation and, with the transportation of the Metrobus in Istanbul, the 1 became a system for carrying millions of passengers. With the construction of the road 80 thousand vehicles fell from the traffic. When the 2023-kilometer Metro, which is determined as the 776 target, is completed, the use of Metrobüs will be shared with this Metro line. In this context, Metrobüs is the short-term additional transportation type of the 776 meter rail system to be realized.


  1. The main purpose of the airport is the lack of flight quota to meet the existing airports. For this reason, we have given the start of a project which should be done in order to prevent these problems in the transportation of aircraft. Since the airports currently used could not meet the flight demands, this project had to be realized. Together with this airport we are building a capacity of 150 thousand journey. Today, we will become an important transfer center on both domestic and international flights. Together with this airport, it will have a great economic return.


The 3 bridge is part of the North Marmara highway. This road has made the construction of a new bridge necessary for the locations it has reached. The rail system will pass through the middle of the bridge. The importance of this is that the fact that freight trains operate in the late hours of the day will cause the concentration of roads in the country, and the existence of this bridge will provide us with economic benefits. We are not transporting trucks from the 1 Bridge. We allow truck traffic at certain times from the 2 Bridge. The economic loss of this is 1 billion pounds. In this context, the benefit of the 3 Bridge cannot be ignored. Various stages will bring significant gains to the country. On the other hand, the public resource is not used in the 3 Bridge.

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