Istanbul - Ankara Will Be In 75 Minutes With The New High Speed ​​Line

With the New High Speed ​​Line, Istanbul - Ankara will be reduced to 75 minutes: According to the statements of the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, the Ankara - Istanbul YHT line, which will start working in 2016, will drop to 1 hour and 15 minutes between Istanbul and Ankara.
New Line for Ankara - Istanbul Route

So how is the 4 hour-long journey that is currently going on? The answer is simple: the construction of a new line.

The current line running between Ankara and Istanbul stops at stops such as Eskişehir, Sincan, Pendik, Izmit and Gebze. Although it is stated that the line to be built will work directly between Istanbul and Ankara without stopping by Eskişehir, the new project seems difficult to reduce the distance between the two metropolitan cities to 75 minutes.
75 Minute A Hard But Good Target

First of all, let's remember that for the YHT line that is currently operating, the distance between Istanbul and Ankara will decrease to 3 hours (now we see that this time is 4 hours). If we assume that the distance between Istanbul and Ankara is 350 km and if we assume that the project will be flying, the average speed of the YHT line, which will start work in 2016, should be a minimum of 75 km per hour in order to reduce the time to 280 minutes. Considering the acceleration and deceleration times of the train, it seems difficult to realize 75 minutes.

In this case 75 can be considered a difficult but well chosen target for the minute project. We hope that the project will be completed in a short time.


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