Moscow-Kazan to go down to 3,5 with Chinese investment

Between Moscow and Kazan is reduced to 3,5 hours with China investment: Details about the high-speed train line project planned to be built with Moscow investment between Moscow and Kazan were reflected in the press. The agreement on the project was signed yesterday in Moscow with the participation of Russian and Chinese presidents Vladimir Putin and Shi Cinping.
The investment cost of the line, which is announced as 1,07 trillion rubles, is expected to reduce the travel time between Moscow and Kazan (770 km.) From 11,5 hours to 3,5 hours.

The project, which was previously planned to be trained until the 2018 World Football Championship, was extended until 2020.

According to the newspaper, Moscow has accepted the use of Chinese technologies and materials in the construction of high-speed train line.

It is expected that China will provide 250 billion rubles in dollars or yuan for the project, and Beijing is expected to transfer another 52 billion rubles for the project.



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