Mevlana Junction is counting days

Mevlana Interchange is counting Day: Antalya Bayakşeh municipality by the end of January and the start of construction scheduled to be completed in late May, Maulana interchanges for the first time in Turkey earthquake isolators were used. There will be 375 earthquake insulator designed as sliding support in 24 meter long bridge junction.
One of the projects that will relieve the traffic in Antalya, Mevlana Junction will be completed by the end of this month. With the overpass made to connect Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Kizilirmak Streets, the 3-folded intersection will ensure traffic flow without waiting in the light on the route. The intensity of the traffic lights will disappear.
The bridge, which cost about 10 million pounds, was built on a total of 10 feet. The bridge has a total length of 375 meters and has five openings. In the 55 meters with an opening traversed this aspect of Turkey's longest post-tensioned bridge junction took the title. The total 110 mileage steel rope was used for post-tensioning. 8000 m3 concrete in total of bridge construction; 800 tons of iron were used. Mevlana junction isolators designed to total 24 earthquakes in Turkey for the first time sliding bearings were installed. Mevlana junction with specifications until the outer appearance was one of Turkey's most important work overpass. The intersection was also designed as a suspension bridge.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:26

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