Kepez Varsaka being built in tram

Kepez Varsaka tram is being built: The tram line to be built in Antalya will start in front of the old town hall and reach Süleyman Demirel Boulevard. Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, Varsak Esentepe and Varsak Karşıyaka He explained the investments to be made to the residents of the neighborhood.
Tram to Varsak

Reminding remarks made in the 1 year-long meeting in the region, Hakan Tütüncü has given new good news to the residents.

Mayor Tütüncü, who said that they will bring tram to Varsak with the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, continued his words as follows: “The tram line that we will bring to Varsak will move in front of the old municipality and follow Süleyman Demirel Boulevard and reach the Green River Street. From there to Sakarya Boulevard, Bus Station, Medical Faculty, Education Research Hospital, Konyaalti Street will connect with the old nostalgia tram line will go to the city center, Or he said.

Mayor Tütüncü, who explained that they had problems with the construction problem that has become a bleeding wound, said:, In the 2000 year, there was a problem of construction related to the large part of the Ayanoğlu, Demirel and Esentepe District with the development plans of 5000 made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Thank God, we stood behind our word and the construction barriers in these neighborhoods disappeared. In fact, we have paved the way for structuring by giving a fold increase. Hatta

President Tütüncü said that the construction of the Sütçüler State Hospital with a bed capacity of 350 is nearing the end and said, an Don't believe any of these words, they said the promise of election. However, we kept my promise and will be inaugurated at the 29 October 2015 of Sütçüler State Hospital. Ancak

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