Karşıyaka touch my palm for tram project

Karşıyaka Don't touch my palm for the tram project: For the metropolitan tram project KarşıyakaCitizens protesting the decision to remove palm trees in Turkey asked President Kocaoğlu, "How many of the 1300 trees will be able to survive"

Due to the tram project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality KarşıyakaCitizens started protests upon the decision to remove the trees in Turkey. Stating that they do not find the words of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu “We do not cut down the trees, we are removing them” Karşıyakapeople met on the beach. Karşıyaka Citizens gathered in front of the Wedding Palace at 20.00:XNUMX and formed a chain in front of the palm trees. Palm trees KarşıyakaStating that it is the symbol of ', the citizens said, “We are against the cutting of trees because of the tram, not the tram. If they can change route in Alsancak and Güzelyalı Karşıyaka"They can also change in" he said. Citizens came together at 20.00:16.00 every evening and said they would not allow trees to be removed from the beach. It will also form a cordon hand in hand along the beach at XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday.

Polat Oktay stated that in 1992 they started a resistance against cutting palm trees during the construction of the coastal road by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Former Mayor Yüksel Çakmur. KarşıyakaWe do not want our palm trees, which are the symbols of, to disappear. We are not against the tram. We are here to take care of these palms. The metropolitan should not touch our tree, our green. The guys, whom we said not to touch though, want to build a garbage facility in Yamanlar and that is a separate issue. These palm trees are 50 years old. They need to take it with its root to remove it. For this to take root, they have to dig a large area of ​​the asphalt. "If they do not take the roots completely, these trees will die as soon as they live." Stating that they are against the tram project passing through the coastal road where palm trees are open to the public, Mustafa Hepekiz said, “Who did the municipality consult when removing these trees. Our childhood and youth passed under these trees. People have memories. I had a great time under these trees. May our children and grandchildren live too I have never seen any other geography hostile to green anywhere in the world. The first thing that comes to mind is removing the tree. Already, removing the tree has become a model of saying 'I am not cutting the tree'. When we look back, wherever they moved the trees, those trees dried up and rotted and disappeared. They will guarantee how many 1300 trees they can keep alive. "I don't believe Kocaoğlu is sincere." Fikret Murat Şar, a citizen, said, "We want these trees to stay on our beach, not in major cultural centers."


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