Kars Municipality started fast asphalt works

Kars Municipality started the asphalt works quickly: Kars Municipality started the asphalt works with the stop of the rain and the warming of the weather. Asphalt works made at many points made the citizens laugh.
Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, asphalt work started from the neighborhoods, the weather in a short time if the weather will solve the road problem, he said.
Contrary to the usual, instead of the city center, outside the city center pavement, substructure and natural gas line to KARGAZ'a President Murtaza Karaçanta, for a livable Kars team work day and night, he said.
President Murtaza Karaçanta, Temmuz We know that summer in Kars is too short, we are tightening all our work to June, July and August. In other cities, however, the construction season is opening as of March. We have to evaluate the short time well. For this, we started asphalt work at many points. With the weather going well, we will complete the asphalt of the streets and streets. Hav
In order to prevent the asphalt from being excavated again, President Murtaza Karaçanta pointed out that he was working in TELEKOM and KARGAZ. The infrastructure works of our teams will be completed in the regions where our road works. So we're not gonna let their paths break again. Together we have to take care of the city we live together. It was not the road and infrastructure problem of Kars in the space age. But unfortunately we are still working on the infrastructure and the way. This year our goal is to complete all the roads asphalt pavement Bu.
President Murtaza Karaçanta, 2015 21 miles will make hot asphalt, aims to ensure that Kars is a livable and modern city for everyone.
By the Municipality of Kars; There are infrastructure, natural gas and asphalt works in the neighborhood of İstasyon neighborhood, Bahçelievler neighborhood, Yusufpaşa neighborhood, Ortakapı neighborhood, Hafızpaşa neighborhood, Halitpaşa neighborhood, Örnek neighborhood, Aydınlıkevler neighborhood and Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood.

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