Havaray became a must for Black Sea Tourism

For Black Sea Tourism, Havaray became a must: we say the Black Sea tourism. Tourism is the salvation of the region but we cannot create the necessary infrastructure.

If we had already created the statistics would not show that there were no more than 6 hours left in any city in the Black Sea.

One of the musts for tourism is transportation. There are air and sea routes in Trabzon. There is a coastal road

But not enough

We have to make investments to keep the tourists here if we want to increase the amount of time and if we are planning to increase our income.

The Black Sea region is a difficult region with its geographical structure. Transportation is not easy. It is necessary to develop new projects. My mind came to connect the Black Sea city of 4 with the Havaray system

I don't know if it's rantabash or not. It requires expertise. But I know the cost isn't very high compared to Metro.

Also suitable for the region

Havaray is an alternative solution for the Black Sea tourism, although it is not possible to build subway and light rail systems in areas with high population density and narrow streets and streets.

Let's see what Havaray was first

I have compiled information about Havaray on the Internet for you


Monorail trains, known as the tramway going on in the air, can be seen as the name of the trains.

Monorail system uses special rail lines rising on the carrier columns and conducts the transmission of electricity from the main line to the train by the third rail method.

In this sense, the monorail, known as one of the safest public transportation systems in the world, is being used in Japan, Malaysia, USA, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Germany.

This means that many countries in the world use this system.

Then why don't we do it. It may not be healthy for me to use only in Trabzon.

In the Black Sea region, which has become a favorite tourist destination in recent years, tourism can be made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Havaray system. With the Havaray system, the city of 4 (Rize, Trabzon, Giresun Ordu) can be interlinked.

Each city should establish and connect to this system within its borders

But here, as well as the bureaucrats of the city of 4, a great deal of work falls to its politicians. 4 city's deputy governor and the mayor of this event in the case of the hot air travel system between the city of Xavium will be shortened.

In the city of the Black Sea region of tourists visiting to visit any city in the city approximately 6 hours remain. 4 city connects to each other in the case of the implementation of Havaray'un 4 city of tourists in the future to give a chance to visit

While Trabzon Municipality looks hot on the idea of ​​the monarchy, we know that Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu plans to establish such a system between Of and Beşikdüzü.

In my opinion, the connection of 4 with the city by integrating this system is more important in Trabzon as well as other neighboring cities.

Trabzon, who is the patron of the Black Sea, should be the leader of this business. Here, the duty falls to the Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality O.Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu. Gümrükçüoğlu should meet with the mayors of neighboring cities as soon as possible and tell them their ideas on this issue

In addition, CSOs should support this event and put pressure on politicians. This will decrease the traffic density in the Black Sea coastal band and it is also important in terms of development of Square tourism.

As a result, for me to implement Havaray'ye everyone should put their hands under the stone

Sn Gümrükçüoğlu can lead the way in the Black Sea.

But primarily the 4 city politicians need to persuade.

Convincing 4 city's deputies on Havaray will make much noise in the Parliament

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