Kadir Topbaş Kartal Kaynarca spoke about the construction of the Metro

Kadir Topbaş Kartal Spoke in Kaynarca Metro construction: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş made examinations in Kartal Kaynarca Metro construction, which is planned to be completed in 2019. Topbaş: Kaynarca is not our last point, it will extend to Tuzla.

He made observations in the construction of the subway. Topbaş: Kaynarca is not our last point, it will extend to Tuzla. Speaking during his examinations, Topbaş stated that they witnessed history and said:

“The goal we set for ourselves is; Let there be a metro station within half an hour walking distance to every residential area and every neighborhood. This is civilization. When we say 'rail systems 2019 km when we arrive in 400', 'How will you do?' they said. Especially wait, we hope we will surpass that, reach 2019. Of course, the most important transportation axis of this city is developing with subways. Millions of people will be able to go anywhere they want from underground by using time very accurately. We are currently doing a construction site trip with you. So Kadıköy- We are following the works in Yakacık over the Kartal metro line, on the line that we are currently reaching Kaynarca from Yakacık. Boiling is not actually our end point. I hope the line to Tuzla, to the point where Tuzla Municipality is located, will be completed. "


“Our Ministry of Transport awarded the tender for the Kaynarca-Sabiha Gökçen line. Its construction is starting soon. From Kaynarca, we add a 3 km line to Pendik center. A person getting on from Pendik center so that he can easily reach Sabiha Gökçen. On the other hand, we have another line from Kaynarca, which will extend to Tuzla, integrating the line that was built as Marmaray in the past, which we now know as "suburban". I hope we are doing its tender this year. These are not a metro line in this area, but several metro lines.

When a person starts to use the subway from Tuzla center in front of the municipality or from Pendik, they will be able to easily access Marmaray. We are creating a system that can reach every point of Istanbul from the now ending Taksim-Levent district to the airport, to Sabiha Gökçen. This means using time much more accurately. Thus, as we always say, we don't just pick one of the system. It provides the opportunity to meet not only by subway but also by sea transportation. The sea, the metro, the rail system, and all the transport axes in Istanbul with rubber wheels are integrated. With electronic tickets, our people will be able to easily access every point of the city. On this line where we are here, towards the end of this year, we will see that the wagons have also landed and the tests have started. In the past, there were some people who built subways before us, maybe 100 years ago, but now they are old models. This is where a very different system will have emerged in terms of state-of-the-art subways, wagons, comfort, quality and security. "


Kadir Topbaş, who visited the construction site, poured a mortar by pressing the button after his speech. Topbas, workers on the construction site took a souvenir photo. Some of the workers made selfies with Topbaş with their mobile phones.


The first subway of the Anatolian Side Kadıköy- When the Kartal Metro tunnel excavation work is completed, it will reach out to Kaynarca. Opened in 2012 with a line length of 21.7 kilometers Kadıköy-Kartal Metro tunnel has 16 passenger stations. When Kartal-Kaynarca Metro is also included in this error, the number of stations will reach 19 and the length of the line will increase to 26,5 kilometers. Along with the Kartal-Kaynarca metro line, which is planned to be operational in 2019, Kadıköy70 thousand passengers will be transported every hour between Kanarca. With the new metro line, Kadıköy-The time between Kanarca will be reduced to 38,5 minutes.

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