Exactly 4 Million Dollars Spent for Istanbul - Izmir Highway Project

Exactly 4 Million Dollars Spent for the Istanbul - Izmir Highway Project: Minister Veysel Eroğlu said that they spent exactly 4 million dollars for the Istanbul-Izmir Highway project.
Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu said that an average of 1 million lira per day was spent for the Izmir part of the Istanbul - Izmir Motorway Project and 4 million dollars a day for the project overall.
Minister Eroğlu examined the Belkahve Tunnel, which is under construction as part of the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway Project.
Stating that approximately 3 percent of the works in the two tunnels with a total length of 210 meters have been completed, Eroğlu said, “It is our government that will solve the traffic of İzmir”.
Minister Eroglu, then the construction site of the authorities received information about the work.
Noting that the project is among the few works in the world, Eroğlu said, “It is a truly magnificent project. An average of 8 billion dollars project. 40 percent of the total project is finished. In some areas, the completion rate increased to 78 percent. Expropriation is at the level of 91 percent. 28 thousand people were dealt with for expropriation. I hope it will reach İzmir in a very short time ”.
Eroglu stated that there is a great congestion in the traffic of Izmir and therefore priority is given to the Izmir-related part of the project, and emphasized that the traffic between Bornova and Kemalpaşa will be relieved with the section to be completed on 30 August.
Stating that one of the tubes in Belkahve Tunnel will end at the end of August and the other in September, Eroğlu said:
“We spend 1 million lira a day for Izmir and 4 million dollars a day for the overall project. This is a very amazing thing. It will relieve Izmir traffic tremendously. Everything is for Izmir. Now Izmir has servants, not those who show off. After that, we are servants of Izmir. We are always on the construction site, but others are talking. "
- He attended a picnic
Minister Eroğlu also participated in the picnics organized by the Emirdağlılar Solidarity Association and the Balçıkhisarlılar Solidarity Association at the Sarnıç Picnic Area.
Addressing the citizens at the event, Eroğlu stated that he was happy with the warm interest shown by the people of Afyonkarahisar living in Izmir.
Emphasizing that they will undertake very good services in İzmir, Eroğlu said, “We have equipped İzmir with irrigation facilities and forests. We will also complete the ongoing dams in this beautiful city as soon as possible. We have made forests the key to rural development now. We grafted Delice olives to our villagers and created new employment areas. We have big projects for Izmir and we will realize them all together ”.

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