Job Post: TCDD to Receive Formerly Convicted Workers

TCDD will take ex-convict workers: 12 May 2015 General Directorate of Turkish Railways Railroad Administration

The General Directorate of Turkish Railways Administration was published on 12 May 2015, for the former convicted personnel recruitment. Applications will be made through the Provincial Directorate of Labor Setup or on the official website between 15 and 25 May 2015.

1 person in the provincial borders of Eskişehir and 1 person in the provincial borders of İzmir will be recruited from among the residents at the provincial level. In case the number of applicants exceeds 3 times without the KPSS requirement, you are entitled to an interview in the presence of a notary according to the result of the drawing. kazanwill be.

In the case of ex-convict workers employed in the art line of Railway Line Maintenance Repairer, it is required to have at least 6 months in road maintenance and repair works in the rail systems where freight and passenger transportation are done together. Click here for ad text.



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