The common Mars Logistics 200 vehicle with Hitachi will grow with intermodal

Combined with Hitachi, Mars Logistics will grow with the Intermodal 200 vehicle fleet and partner with Hitachi. Mars adds 200 to its fleet in May

Mars Logistics, a joint venture with Japanese industrial giant Hitachi and 2013, continues to grow through intermodal lines and logistics center investments. Completing the 2014 year with 12 growth, Mars Logistics aims to close this year with the same growth rate. In line with its growth targets, Mars Logistics aims to increase the number of voyages on the intermodal lines and the number of lines in which they operate.

. Last year we worked with 2015 1.820 customers with our fleet of 7 vehicles and we provided complete service. We also signed large-scale agreements for this year. Textile and automotive are among our main sectors. We also work in the chemical, construction, retail, pharmaceutical and health sectors. This year 900 has a goal of working with over one thousand customers. In 8, we invested around 2014 million euros, including 220 trailers and 100 trucks. This year 14 are making more investments in new cars. 200 In May we receive our new vehicles. We completed last year with 13 growth. This year, we have set a target of 12 growth. Bu

Intermodal lines

Ali Tulgar said that they will increase the scope of the green logistics project intermodal line that they launched in Luxembourg in September 2012. Line Italy's Trieste city of Luxembourg Bettembourg cities across Tulgan stating that covers the transport of road trains with trailers, said: "Line beginning stage three times a week going - trains between the return voyage that Trieste Bettembourg, Turkey, the loading of the goods taken from various places makes the shipment of trailers. Trailers continue by train after reaching Trieste by ship from Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin ports and reach various destinations in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, France and Germany after passing through the Bettembourg Multimodal terminal. This line saved us 1 million vehicles a year. The line, which makes two flights a week, is currently making 5 flights. We aim to increase this to 6 days a week. ”

Tulgar, they are working on a new intermodal line, the surprise line began the trial expeditions also announced.

We have crossed borders with Hitachi

Reminiscent of Hitachi's purchase of Logistics 2012 51 on Mars is so Tulgu Alice, "We were in Turkey for healthy growth. Bids were coming and we were refusing. But Hitachi is a global offer. Hitachi also wanted to increase logistics rather than investment. Our crosstalk targets were met. We crossed borders with Hitachi. Hit

Erenköy to open new center

Ali Tulgar stated that they will open a new logistics center in ISTANBUL. We will open a new center of 3 thousand square meters in Erenköy Customs. In Anatolia, we have centers in Bursa, Izmir, Ankara and Adana,.


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