High Speed ​​Train will rain tourists in eastern provinces

High Speed ​​Train will bring tourists to the eastern provinces: Tunceli, Elazığ, Malatya and Bingöl will change the shell with the projects to be carried out until 2023. YHT will reach Elazig, 'Apricot Exchange' will be established in Malatya.

While the GOVERNMENT launched the new Eastern Anatolia Action Plan (DAP), development agencies pressed the button to implement the projects in the plan. Tunceli, Elazığ, Malatya and Bingöl will have an annual export capacity of 2023 billion dollars and attract 2 thousand tourists with the projects to be carried out until 500. The region that the High Speed ​​Train will reach will rapidly develop. Unemployment in four cities will decrease to 8 percent on average.


For this purpose, the Action Plan for the four provinces was put into action by the Fırat Development Agency under the coordination of the Ministry of Development. Here are the steps that will rapidly develop four provinces: Bicycle paths in cities, urban transport will be integrated. Çetinkaya-Malatya-Yolçatı- Elazığ-Diyarbakır High Speed ​​Train Line will be completed in 2023 for passenger transportation. Sivas-Malatya-Elazig-Bingol-Tatvan railway line will also be modernized.

Science Center on the way

One of the steps to be taken in the economic field will be the establishment of a “Apricot Exchange” based in Malatya. “City History and Civilizations Museum” will be held in Malatya. A “Science Center” will be established with all four. Cinema and theater halls will be increased.

Tourism attack in Nemrut

Tourism will be prominent in the region. In Nemrut Mountain National Park, a road will be made that will connect Malatya and Adıyaman. The roads to visit and belief centers, especially Düzgün Baba, will be improved. Taş Mektep and Armenian Bazaar will meet tourism in Bingöl.

Honey Forests

“Organized livestock zones” will be created in the region. Fishing will become widespread in dam lakes. “Honey forests” will be established in places such as Pütürge, Arguvan, Arapgir and Karakoçan. The region will become a “honey center” and products will be branded from pollen to royal jelly.

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