Ortacada unfinished road waiting for regulation

The halfway road in Ortaca is waiting for regulation: The work that is left unfinished on the 11-kilometer highway connecting the Ortaca district of Muğla to the Dalyan Mahallesi has a hard time.
The unfinished works on the 11-kilometer highway, which connects to the Dalyan Neighborhood of Muğla's Ortaca district, have a hard time for drivers.
Stating that the road passing through Ekşiliyurt, Kemaliye and Okçular Neighborhoods should be corrected as soon as possible, Kemaliye Neighborhood Headmen Zeynel Altın said, “Ortaca Dalyan road, which has been in discontinuity for years, should now be finished. Since this road passes through our neighborhoods, fatal and material damage accidents frequently occur. We want the authorities to finish and lighten this highway as soon as possible. During these days when the tourist season begins, traffic flow continues intensely. The road should be taken under the auspices of "State Highways" and completed as soon as possible. We are concerned about the accidents that will happen. ”
Mayor of Ortaca Hasan Karaçelik; As you know with the metropolitan law, the main roads were connected to the big city with the neighborhoods connected to the district center. The process of connecting these roads took some time. Infrastructure has been prepared for which roads in the districts, roads in which meters and roads in which boulevard will be connected to the metropolitan city. It will be clear to which of these roads will be district municipalities and which will be metropolitan cities. After this clarification, it will be clear that investments will be made within the framework of the Büşükşehir Municipality investment program. We have given both the Dalyan road and the Sarigerme Road sprouts and projects to the metropolitan area. We are only at the will to invest. This is all about developments. ”
Mayor Karaçelik stated that the works were carried out by the Special Provincial Administration of the Ortaca-Dalyan Highway, the Closing Dalyan and the Ortaca Municipality; ”As everyone knows, this path was named by unattended path. It was neither a Special Administration, nor a road, nor a touristic route. It was not important for life safety to do something. In this regard, we have extended the 8-meter road and 20-meter road with the participation of Dalyan Municipality, Ortaca Municipality and our Governorship and the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We asphalt the right part of Ortaca to Dalyan; Unfortunately, when the metropolitan law came out after this stage, it was not possible to continue this cooperation. We will quickly request that this road, the infrastructure of which is prepared, be completed from the metropolitan area. I hope that we will get support in this matter. ”



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