Eurostar commences flights between London and Marseille (Video)

Eurostar started flights between London and Marseille: Eurostar, a railroad company operating between the UK and the UK on the Channel, started high-speed trains between London and Marseille.

The high-speed passenger trains that will stop in Lyon and Avignon will connect the UK and the Mediterranean with the 6 and an hour and a half.

After the capital Paris, France's second largest city of Lyon and the British capital of the distance between the 4 hour 40 minutes will be.

Eurostar, which is in a tight competition with the aircraft companies, is quite assertive in ticket prices. The company set the price for the London-London round-trip ticket as Euro 123. The Lyon-London ticket was launched on the 111 Euro. It was announced that the 45 bin British had already booked for summer. High-speed trains run 5 once a week during the summer and 3 flights during winter.

French State Railways (SNCF), which will lose the monopoly of rail in France at the end of this year, has a share of 55 of Eurostar.



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