Elvandan Antalya Logistics Center Gospel

Elvandan Antalya Logistics Center Gospel: Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and AK Party Antalya Deputy Candidate Lütfi Elvan, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone met businessmen and industrialists. Elvan emphasized that Antalya should have a logistics center, “This center is very important in terms of reducing costs, El he said.

Lütfi Elvan, former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and candidate for AK Party in Antalya, who exchanged views with businessmen and industrialists in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, explained the steps to be taken to solve the problem of qualified personnel. Elvan said, ın We are very concerned about the development of human resources, the need for qualified and qualified personnel. The training of human resources will be one of our most important and priority issues. İnsan

Saying that another issue they attach importance to is to increase the capacity for R&D and innovation, Elvan said, “We have increased our support for R&D and innovative investments at least 10 times compared to the past 10 years ago, but if we say that we will increase this support even more we don't have the capacity. Our research capacity also needs to be strengthened. Therefore, we will take measures to improve our R&D and innovation capacity. ”

Emphasizing that they will continue to strengthen the physical infrastructure investments, Elvan stated that important works will be carried out in order to improve the quality of the institutions and said, ın We will establish more qualified, more qualified, fast, dynamic and efficient organizations. We will take measures to ensure a faster and healthier decision Daha.


Elvan said that actions will be taken to reduce the dependency on imports within the action plans, what will be done in the actions, who will be done with them, how long it will be done, what will be done, which institution will do this and the article item will be listed.

Elvan explained that another important transformation would be on finding out how to improve our quality in production and exports. Artır We have a transformation program. We also made this an action plan. Bunu

Stressing that price stability and financial stability are extremely important for the economy, Elvan said, van On the one hand, we will continue to keep price stability a priority. On the other hand, we will continuously monitor the financial stability and increase our growth on the condition that this axis is adhered to Bir.

Elvan heralds that businessmen will have support for production, he said, that the wages of those employed in the enterprises will be paid by the state, but that the real target will be to give priority to the efforts to increase your competitiveness.


Elvan said that the most basic cost of those who produce in OIZ is transportation costs. Ür We have serious and important projects for this purpose and we will put them into effect. In the coming period, we will take a step towards establishing a logistics center. The establishment of a logistics center is important in terms of both marketing and joint action and cost reduction. Logistics centers in the world began to come to the fore.

If you have a strong logistics center, you have strong exports, strong marketing. We care about it, Biz he said.


. The most important contribution we provide to you in the field of transport is the high-speed train. And the fast train that we will connect Antalya from Serik to Konya and Kayseri will seriously reduce the transportation costs. Fast trains will be for both freight and passenger purposes. We will rent our high-speed train lines. For example, you can establish a company as OSB and you can make freight transport through that company. We also privatized civil aviation. It was very opposed at the time but what happened today did Turkish Airlines hurt? No, it's black. We'il do the same for the railroad. We will remove the State Railways from the monopoly of the public. You operate these companies. There will be an incredible explosion in both the passenger and freight transport as well as the airline. The increase in the number of passengers using airplanes is over 9. We will do this in the railway, Demir he said.


Elvan pointed out that Antalya will be governed by the sarı Smart City System kırmızı very soon. The green areas will not be watered every two days or three days. According to the need to measure the humidity of the soil irrigation system will be activated. Street lamps will be smart. In the daytime the sun will fade when the sun goes down. We will establish a smart city system until the departure time of the buses. Otobüs


Considering the education level of Antalya and the current industrial infrastructure, Lütfi Elvan stated that Antalya could be an important technology city and stated that Antalya will establish technology highlands just like the silicon valley in America in terms of both technological software and Hard Ware.



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