Road ruin of Dümbüllü Creek is over

Road ruin of Dümbüllü Creek Ends: Oltu Dümbüllü creek community roads are being prepared for asphalt.
Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Oltu Construction Site The group in the Dümbüllü valley of the grassland makes the lower and upper structures of the neighborhood roads. Ayhan Karaoğlu, Branch Manager of the Rural Development Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, checked the road expansion and culvert production in the Dümbüllü Stream. Branch Manager Karaoğlu said, için We are preparing for asphalt by making the infrastructure and expansion of the group neighborhood roads in the Dümbüllü stream. The road expansion and infrastructure of the Dümbüllü Creek will be completed within 10 days. Asfaltı will be made after the tender in May. Mayıs
Dümbüllü Creek that has been staring for years The residents of the neighborhood stated that they were very pleased that the roads were asphalt. We would like to thank our Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Bedri Özdemir, the rural development department head, the rural development department branch manager Ayhan Karaoğlu and the Oltu Construction Site teams.


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