Arbitration proposal from Merkel for railway strike

Merkel's Proposal for Railroad Strike: Prime Minister Merkel offered the arbitration proposal for the 10 month-long dispute between railway and train drivers.

10 is the month Since the ongoing collective bargaining between the German Railways Deutsche Bahn and the Train Engineers Union (GDL) failed to yield results, the union decided to strike the longest in the history of railways. On 7 days of freight trains, passenger trains 6 will remain motionless during the day. Prime Minister Angela Merkel for a railroad strike that brought the country to a standstill, the union and the employer has offered to arbitrate between the union and asked for the termination of the dispute as soon as possible.

The longest strike in the history of the Association of Train Makinistleri (GDL) 138 hour strike today as the hour of 15.00 freight transportation began with the stops stop. Tomorrow morning passenger transport will be added. Sunday is scheduled to return to normal at 09.00.
The German Railways Administration (Deutsche Bahn) has offered a rise of a percent 4,7 in wages in collective bargaining negotiations, while the Train Mechinals' Union (GDL) is demanding an increase in wages of about 5 per cent for machinists and less work for 1 hours per week. While the parties accused each other of not agreeing to each other, the German media launched a campaign against the Train Engineers Union (GDL). While there is no rental car throughout Germany, prices have increased one hundred percent in bus companies. On the other hand, those who can not travel by rail will go to work with their special vehicles and the city is expected to have automobile density and long queues.

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