Lighting Transitions in Railway Vehicles

Lighting Transitions in Railway Vehicles: In today's technology, LED lighting changes in the lighting industry at an insignificant level, and it will enter and enter into every part of our lives. Innovation in this field The use of LED lighting was replaced by the previously used fluorescent lighting in railway vehicles.


Railway vehicles are longevity vehicles with high investment costs. Looking at the life span of the 30 years, such as the time is observed. It is seen that 30 has a service life of more than years even when properly maintained.

On a world-wide basis, many vehicles have been used, especially in urban rail vehicles (Trams, High-Level Light Rail Vehicles, Metro Vehicles), and as an interior lighting, Florasan Lighting technology. The vehicles are still in use, and fluorescent lighting technology, the technology of that day, has been applied to the lighting systems. In today's lighting technology, LED lighting systems provide solutions in this field. LED lighting fixtures have been replaced by fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Especially in European countries this transformation has started in urban railway vehicles and after a few pilot applications, it has come to the forefront of the benefits to the end customer.
Looking at the benefits of end users; The system itself has been shown to be amortized in 2-3 year. In addition to the reduction of the energy cost, the change of the electric ballasts which have frequent faults is prevented. Maintenance costs in this regard have decreased.

The environmentally friendly tubes are also beneficial in terms of comfort due to the fact that they provide a healthy lighting level in the vehicle in terms of comfort. Another advantage of this is that the light level quality provides a proper light distribution inside the various outdoor ambient light conditions (Night-Day). (Figure -1)

(Figure -1)

In the urban railway vehicles providing service in Turkey, the companies should make sure that they do not ignore the cost-reducing measures as soon as possible.

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