Gospel of Elazığa Fast Train from Davutoglu

Good News from Davutoğl to Elazig High Speed ​​Train: AK Party Chairman and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu addressed the public at the Elazig rally. He gave Elazig a series of good news, including the High Speed ​​Train.

Prime Minister Davutoglu Elazig Airport Governor Murat Zorluoglu, public institutions and organizations with a large number of managers welcomed. Here, before the governor Davutoglu, then his party addressed the public at a rally organized by Istasyon Square. Davutoğlu stated that he went to the 21 rally in Elazığ and forgot all his tiredness and said that they had good news. Don't worry. I hope we will do the stadium as soon as possible. And we'il do it in the old place. We'il never waste any time. Elazığspor'a will try to generate an income over the stadium. We would like to see Elazigspor in the Super League. I hope we start the irrigation project. Fully 250 is a magnificent project that will irrigate a thousand acres. Hopefully, when this is completed, Elazig will have reached much more fertile irrigated land. I hope we will bring the high-speed train to Elazığ. We started the survey projects of Elazığ-Malatya and Elazığ-Diyarbakır line. Hopefully all roads will pass through Elazığ somehow. Elazığ will be an exemplary city both by high-speed train and by road. When we came to power, 35 had the road divided in kilometers. Now you have 350 miles. Who did it? Al bridge has been under construction for a long time. Hopefully the bridge will be finished in a few months. We tend to tender for the rehabilitation of the show. We also solve the drinking water problem of Elazığ over the Hamzabey dam. No demand from Elazığ, let alone a year, a month, a week, not even an hour. Since Elazığ is standing. Since Elazığ gave us 70 percent in the presidential election. The demands of Elazığ do not wait. We will expand the organized industrial zone. We will take into consideration that we have made a new regulation regarding the incentive and we will build the second organized industrial zone. Harput is the most beautiful, ancient city in the world. With all this in a special cultural projects in Turkey I hope we will become one of the major tourist areas. Elazig will host 5 star hotels with tourists coming here. I hope the world will recognize Elazığ, ”he said.


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