The allegations that the 28 tram in Gaziantepteki has been abandoned

The claims that 28 trams in Gaziantep have been left to decay are unfounded: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality “The allegations that the trams taken by signing the contract in 2013 in the news 'have been left to decay' are unfounded”

It was reported that the news in some media outlets did not reflect the facts with the headline "28 Trams Abandoned to Decay in Gaziantep" in Gaziantep.

In the written statement made by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that there are two types of trams in the rail system operation, 1972 model (PT-8) and 1994 (TFS) model.

In the statement, which was stated that the 1972 models of trams were purchased from Frankfurt, Germany in 2010 and 15 in 2013, the following statements were given:

“21 trams are actively used in our Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Rail System business. The daily maintenance and malfunctions of the remaining 4 trams are eliminated. Trams of this brand are still actively used in the city of Frankfurt. The second type of tram, which was the subject of the news and contracted on 21.06.2013, is the 1994 model Alstom-made TFS type. Before the purchases of these trams, necessary engineering and technical studies have been carried out and the vehicles have no incompatibility with our line. Trams are taken to test drives on the operating line after operating at night. ”

In the statement, which attracted attention to the purchase of trams according to the State Procurement Law, it was emphasized that the process was very detailed and long.

Following the completion of the preliminary preparations, the statement stated that the maintenance work was started and the following opinions were given:

“Trainings are also continuing for the vatman to use the vehicle in every different tram. After the completion of the procurement, training, maintenance, renewal and test works, the vehicles will be put into operation gradually by the end of 2015. In addition, 8 of these vehicles were leased to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality until the end of 2016. The allegations that the trams "whose contracts were signed by signing in 2013" were left to decay are unfounded. "

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