Railroad Protest in China

China Railroad Protest 30 Police, 68 Injured: In China, 30 police and 68 injured were injured as a result of thousands of protesters clashing with police due to the railway line that was planned to pass through their town but is said to not cross afterwards.

As the media reported today, the events began in May in the Linshui town of Guang'an, a town in Sichuan province, southwest of the country. Linshui local government's website today said in a statement, more than 16 protesters clash with the police, set fire to the vehicles, 100 people were detained said. While 40 is being detained on Sunday, it is not known whether the detained 20 has been released.

In the images and photographs reflected on China's social media, the demonstrators were seen to be closing the Lingshui West exit of the Shanghai-Chengdu highway and clashing with the police here.

The images also show that the police took extensive security measures on the highway, where the demonstrators took the police to stone, the protesters in the town center faced the police, the police withdrew due to the stones, and the police followed up with police on the demonstrators and detentions.

According to Taiwan media, hundreds of people were wounded in the protests of 30 people, while 3 died. However, the death of 3 has not been confirmed yet. It is claimed that the protests started peacefully but turned into a conflict as a result of police intervention. The local government said today that after two days of events, the situation is now under control and social stability is maintained. The official Xinhua Agency also announced that the railroad route is being discussed.


On the other hand, there are different opinions about the causes of the events. Linshui people with a population of millions of 1 and not a railway and an airport want the railway to pass through the towns, but the plan has changed as a result of a change of plan. The people of the town, the train line will provide them with great economic benefits, the project officials, instead of the town's line of their own outward of the legendary leader of the legendary leader Deng Xiaoping'un is passed through the decision to pass through Guang'an'dan expressed.

In China's state media, there were comments that the local government was responsible for the protest, that it did not adequately enlighten the public about the projects and that it was not transparent.

There are doubts about the approval of railway projects in China. The architect of China's high-speed train project, former minister of railways Liu Zhijun, 3 hundred properties and 100 was sentenced to life imprisonment for buying more than $ 1 million in bribes.

Protests are also being experienced in China due to environmental pollution projects in recent years. Over the last seven years, China has been making more than a thousand kilometers of high-speed train lines in 12, aiming to double this number by 2020.

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