X-TRIX 1 dead 1 injured in freight train car crashed

Karabukte freight train crashed into the car 1 dead 1 wounded: 1 was killed and 1 was injured as a result of a carriage train crashed into a car trying to cross the level crossing in Yenice district of Karabük.

According to information obtained, in the morning of Yenice district, Atatürk District, Settlement Houses, running across the level of Cebeciler level crossing Murat Koşmak (36) led by 78 AY 892 plate car, Ümit HT and Hüseyin Ç. 24242 expedited freight train hit.

With the impact of the impact, the car was divided into two, while the front of the train was about 800.

Cengiz Albas (45) in the car died in the scene of the accident, seriously injured in the driver, the training was run, Karabük Training and Research Hospital.

On the way to the Zonguldak-Irmak road repair-maintenance and modernization work on the road due to the signaling system was claimed to be working, the mechanics were released after the statements.
The investigation is ongoing.


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