New Bus from Burulaş Bus Fleet to 10

10 New Bus to Burulaş Bus Fleet: Burulaş Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management Tourism Industry and Trade Co. (BURULAŞ), one of the affiliates of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, joined 10 new bus to the bus fleet.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, one of the affiliates of Burulaş Bursa Transportation Public Transport Tourism Tourism and Trade Inc. (BURULAS) bus fleet 10 new bus participated.
Mayor Recep Altepe, in his speech at the ceremony due to the commencement of the bus service, said that the new vehicles between the city center of the 2 Gemlik and the others will work in Yenişehir Airport and other districts.
Altepe, who stated that their goal is to provide the connection between the districts and Bursa with a comfortable journey, said:
Le One of the most demanded subjects from us was to make transportation with districts more qualified. We took another step in this regard and purchased 400 new vehicle from the unit cost 10 thousand TL for the municipalities that are ready for infrastructure. Now our new buses will work between the districts and the city center. In a real sense, we will have traveled with the appropriate vehicles for the quality of Bursa. Good luck for our people. Im

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