There was a confluence in the upper passage after the tram accident (Video)

After the tram accident, there was a confluence in the upper passage: In Gungoren, after the tram accident that resulted in the serious injury of the 2, the citizens of the traffic flocked to the metrobus.

Zeytinburnu overpass due to an accident in the exit of the workplace was the confluence. The police, who came into operation, tried to eliminate the intensity by guiding the pedestrians in the upper passage.

The car traffic was blocked after a tram accident in Gungoren. Citizens stranded in public transport and service vans turned to the BRT. Increased intensity with the evening work output increased the intensity due to the accident. Public transportation and private vehicles to the metrobüse directed citizens, especially in the middle of the top passage of Zeytinburnu remained in the middle of the stampede. In the upper passage where citizens had a hard time, it was observed that the police teams who routed the traffic on the road always directed the pedestrians through the upper passage this time. On the other hand, some citizens who could not make it to the upper passage were seen to cross the barriers on the E-5 and try to go to the metrobus. Therefore, from time to time, some citizens were faced with the risk of crushing traffic.

The intensity that lasted for half an hour in Zeytinburnu metrobus overpass was reduced to normal in the following hours.



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