Asphalt as a path to Izmir's roads (Photo Gallery)

Flower-like asphalt in the roads of Izmir: The application of the colorful and patterned asphalt, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality first brought to life in Seferihisar, was greatly appreciated. With the construction of the ongoing Square Project, the roads in the district center, which will take on a whole new face, are being renewed. The Metropolitan Municipality covers the Atatürk Street, Cumhuriyet Square and its surrounding streets of the tourism paradise Seferihisar with asphalt carrying the sokak cobblestone, and Atatürk slate stone eri patterns.
Long lasting
Metropolitan Municipality teams are applying a very special technique for the arrangement of the total area of ​​11 bin 500 m². The pre-prepared patterned steel molds are pressed onto the compressed hot asphalt with the help of special machines. After printing, paint and finally polish are applied. The colored asphalt, which opened its doors to those who see the colors of its inhabitants and that the inhabitants of the town feel very good for Seferihisar, lasts longer than normal asphalts thanks to the cement-based and water-based paint on it. It is enough to renew the paint at certain periods.


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