Sultançiftliği tramway becomes subway

Sultançiftliği converts the tram into a subway: The groundbreaking ceremony of the former Edirne Asfaltı Road was held with the opening ceremony of the former Edirne Asphalt Road.

President Kadir Topbaş addressing the citizens of the ceremony, 11 68,5 billion pounds a year in Istanbul, 1 billion in Arnavutköy 853 million liras said they had invested this year 12,5 billion liras said they would invest. Yok We have money in the vault and we don't owe a penny to the state. These investments would not have existed if there was no stability in management. You made your choice that, "said the Mayor Topbas, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey as the 24 percent of all investments made in general drew attention to themselves alone.

Istanbul is the world's 15 countries with 130 million population, economy as well as underlining that there is a larger city in 117 Kadir, natural gas they bring in 2005 Arnavutkoy, to reach districts in world standards they reminded me new ways. Topbas metro Sultanciftligi Tram artı to be extended to Arnavutköy, stating that the Topbas said, 'But we said that the population is growing, Arnavutköy'a metro is required. Let's make a subway that the problem of transportation in the future should not be discussed again. You trusted us, you said Kadir Abi. As Kadir Abi, we are proud of our service. We keep our promise, we never leave our promise, Biz he said.

Stating that he knew the trouble in the buses and that they would increase the number of trips by sending the 400 new buses he instructed to take to Arnavutköy, Topbaş said that their newly planned 4 metro lines will pass through Arnavuktöy. “We will also remove that troubled tram and turn it into a subway. 17 kilometer Vezneciler - Sultangazi Metro Line and 33 kilometers Halkalı - Arnavutköy - 3rd Airport Rail System Line, 32 kilometers Gayrettepe - Kemerburgaz - 3. Airport Rail System Line, 33 kilometers Halkalı - When the Bahçeşehir - Çatalca Rail System Line and the 15-kilometer Sultangazi - Habibler - Arnavutköy Rail System Line are completed, you will be able to go quickly and comfortably to Beyazıt, Taksim and Marmaray.

Topbas said that the state has recognized them and they use the 38 of the right to borrow. Lar I told my friends that we should go faster in metro investments. We pay our debts with the 2,5 of our budget. He never shakes our municipality. With the European Investment Bank (EIB), I can only get a very large amount of credit at very low interest rates and long term with my signature as president without government guarantee. The investments and services we have done with your authority have made us reputable against them Sizin.

Mayor Topbaş, in the center of the town center to solve the problems caused by trucks passing by Arnavutköy Hospital said they would make a new way behind.

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