Antalya will be connected to Ankara and Istanbul by high-speed train

Antalya will be connected to Ankara and Istanbul by high-speed train: Works have started for the project that will connect Antalya to Istanbul via railroad, and Ankara, Kayseri and Cappadocia via Konya.

Antalya-Eskişehir and Antalya-Kayseri high-speed train routes have been determined, and tender processes continue. Turkey's Antalya tourism and agriculture centers will be connected to the national rail network with high-speed rail lines.

In addition to the passenger transport, as well as the fast train construction which aims to carry the loads of industrialists and producers in the shortest time and with the least cost, railways are being constructed between Antalya-Eskişehir and Antalya-Kayseri at an hourly speed.

Annually 4,5 million passengers and 10 million tons of cargo transported each year, the cost of construction is expected to be 8,4 billion pounds Antalya-Eskişehir (Antalya-Isparta / Burdur-Afyonkarahisar-Kutahya (Alayunt) -Eskişehir line) In the 2016 is also intended to be completed.

The Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Project (Tourism Train), which will connect Antalya to Konya and Cappadocia region and Kayseri and thus Ankara to the high-speed railway network, is planned to be completed in 2020.

It has a total length of 642 (Kayseri-Nevsehir 41 kilometer, Nevsehir-Aksaray 110 kilometer, Aksaray-Konya 148 kilometer, Konya-Seydisehir 91 kilometer, Seydisehir-Manavgat 98 kilomekte, Manavgat-Alanya 57 kilometer, Manavgat-Antalya 97 kilometer) of the project 2016 The foundation will be laid.

Estimated production cost 11,5 billion pounds will be carried out annually on average 4,3 million passengers and 4,6 million tons freight transport each year when the project is completed.

Railway lines will be built according to the 200 speedometer / hour speed. When Antalya-Eskişehir and Antalya-Kayseri high-speed rail lines are completed, Antalya-Istanbul travel time will be 4,5 hours and travel time between Antalya and Ankara will be 3 hours.

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