In Germany, train passengers remain unaware of their rights

In Germany, train passengers are unaware of their rights: Strikes in rail transport in Germany have become a part of everyday life.

The German Railways (WB), which have gone on strike seven times in the last year, continue to test the patience of the citizens.

Passengers who are victims of the strike have the right to claim compensation or ticket back in such cases.

Experts say many passengers are unaware of their rights. In case of delays exceeding one hour, the railway company must return the 25 of the ticket price and the 50 of the ticket price for delays exceeding two hours.

In the high speed train (İCE) journey, the ticket price must be reduced after 30 minutes. Seasonal or monthly ticket holders can also claim compensation in excess of one hour.

Passengers can charge 1.50 Euro for city transportation and 5 Euro for intercity transportation. If it is clear that the destination will be reached with at least one hour delay before the journey begins, citizens can return the ticket and demand the full amount.

In addition, passengers can also take the high-speed train at no extra cost if there is a high-speed train service to the city they want to go instead of the regular train.

Those who set out for a long journey and were stranded halfway due to the strike could also settle in a hotel in the city they were staying in, and could charge the hotel for their costs.

In these cases, it is sufficient for the victimized citizens to apply with a photocopy of the ticket by post or through the DB Travel Center.

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