Albayrak's metrobus adventure

Albayrak's metrobus adventure: Galatasaray Club Vice President Abdurrahim Albayrak said he likes to travel by metrobus. Here is Albayrak's metrobus adventure and what happened here ...

Galatasaray Club Vice President Abdurrahim Albayrak stated that he likes to travel by metrobus and said, “We meet new people and sohbet I am. “I like traveling by metrobus”.

Abdurrahim Albayrak attended the opening of the Istanbul Auto Show 2015 held at TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center. Leaving the exhibition center after his visit, Albayrak traveled from the Beylikdüzü stop to the Zincirlikuyu by taking the metrobus.

Citizens who want to take selfies with them during their journey, sohbet “We used to be devastated by the heat in minibuses and buses. Now we travel air-conditioned and in comfort. God bless those who contributed, ”he said.

Abdurrahim Albayrak said to a female passenger sitting next to her stating that she was a supporter of Beşiktaş: “Did you see yellow-red cars at the fair? He made a joke saying "Behold 4 stars." Albayrak said on the questions of some Galatasaray supporters on the metrobus, “With Allah's permission, we will face the championship line.”

Abdurrahim Albayrak did not hurt a person who stated that a sick relative wanted to talk to him on the phone during his travel. sohbet He.


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